Keywords:  MOD, Magneto-Optical Disk, archive, media
A magneto-optical disk is a removable, rewritable disk that can store several gigabytes of data. Magneto-optical disks are available in different physical sizes, but are typically the same size as CDs or DVDs (5.25 inches).  Unlike CDs and DVDs, magneto-optical disks are contained in a cartridge broadly similar to the casings used for floppy disks.

Magneto-optical disks are somewhat of a "niche" technology and relatively expensive. Magneto-optical disks are mostly used for long-term jukebox storage because like most removable media, access might take be up to a minute, depending on the time it takes to retrieve the platter, load it into the drive, and spin up the disk.  

Magneto-optical disks were also frequently used by digital modalities such as CT, MRI and ultrasound, because of their robustness, especially compared to DVDs, and their greater tolerance for numerous read/writes.

In the DICOM standard, “MOD” is used as the standard abbreviation for magneto-optical disk.  In general usage,  “MOD” is more frequently used as the abbreviation for magneto-optical drive.
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