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Cardiology (the medical specialty concerned with treatment of the heart) is the 2nd specialty after radiology which is a candidate for digitization. The differences between radiology and cardiology are:
  • Cardiac imaging procedures are much more likely to be unscheduled; at the time of the intervention, it is not always clear what the procedure will be. Therefore, a cardiac imaging procedure is often scheduled using a “placeholder" order.

  • In addition to images of anatomy, there are other data types such as EP (electrophysiology) and ECG (electrocardiogram) produced by devices that are not always integrated with the imaging system.

  • The data generation rate is very high due to the use of cine loops. The required bandwidth to retrieve these cine loops is also higher than typically is needed for radiology imaging.

  • Most cardiology PACSs can share the archive and in many cases also the database and/or worklist with a radiology PACS.
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