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Integration Profile

Integration profiles describe the IHE actors and transactions needed to meet a specific integration need in a clinical environment. An integration profile also specifies exactly what part of what standards can be applied, the sequencing of the transactions between the actors, and the contents of the information exchanged. Related integration profiles are grouped into domains, with each group of profiles documented in a technical framework.

Because of the information they contain, integration profiles are critical for establishing interoperability between devices from different vendors.

The following is a list of integration profiles currently defined by IHE. Each profile name includes an abbreviation that is unique with in a domain (but not across domains). This list includes both trial implementation and final profiles; profiles are listed in the order that they have been developed.


  •  Pathology Workflow (PWF)


Eye Care

  • Eye Care Workflow (EYECARE)
  • Charge Posting (CHG)
  • Eye Care Evidence Document (ECED)
  • Eye Care Displayable Report (ECDR)

IT Infrastructure


  • Laboratory Testing Workflow (LTW)
  • Laboratory Device Automation (LDA)
  • Laboratory Point Of Care Testing (LPOCT)
  • Laboratory Code Set Distribution (LCSD)
  • Laboratory Specimen Barcode Labeling (LBL)
  • Laboratory Scheduled Workflow (LSWF) - Deprecated
  • Laboratory Information Reconciliation (LIR) - Deprecated
  • Sharing Laboratory Reports (XD-LAB)

Patient Care Coordination

  • Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries (XDS-MS)
  • Exchange of Personal Health Record Content (XPHR)
  • Emergency Department Referral (EDR)
  • Antepartum Record (APR)
  • Care Management (CM)
  • Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES)
  • Functional Status Assessments (FSA)
  • Immunization Content (IC)
  • Query for Existing Data (QED)

Patient Care Devices

  • Device Enterprise Communication (DEC)
  • Subscribe to Patient Data (SPD)
  • Patient Identity Binding (PIB)
  • Alarm Communication Management (ACM)
  • Point-of-Care Infusion Verification (PIV)
  • Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM)

Quality, Research, and Public Health

  •  Clinical Research Data Capture (CRD)

Radiation Oncology

  • RT Objects


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